In Search Of Bluefin

Hello everyone; Well we are now in search mode. We had a fun day of fishing along the beach, catching and releasing Calico Bass and Small Yellowtail. We are now headed north in search mode for Bluefin tuna.

We have had an excellent trip so far, and a good way to finish it off, is with a good Bluefin bite. Today we spent traveling north, while the crew helped most passengers get ready for the night bite. Some of the crew spent time looking for kelps, hoping to get lucky. We did find a few kelps, but only thing they had to show was very small Dorado, which we released back to grow.

Weather is just beautiful,?with a slight breeze, flat seas, and clear skies. We are thankful for the breeze, because it would be very warm without it.? Most are napping for now, dreaming about the night time Bluefin fishing. ? So nothing more to report, so wish us luck, and we will keep you posted on our daily events. Team R/p.

P.S. Would like to send a shout out to Autumn and lolo. Paul misses you both. See you soon. Love You Two ?

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”?