UFC 2024

Jonathan is the BEST!
after many days of nagging, pranking and obnoxious beahvior, the end is near and I can’t wait to get to cabo. He is the definition of juvenile and sophmoric behavior, truly qualities I appreciate, Not!

He reminds me of more intelligent, better-looking, non-balding version of myself and I will miss him immensely till next year!

UFC 2024

Grant’s UFC 2024 was one of the best ever! Great Group, Great Crew and Great Fishing! Thank you to the crew for all you do to make the trip enjoyable and constantly keeping us out of trouble. Each fish landed had help from one or more of these talented men. Thank you to Chef Frank & Dave for the delicious meals. Thank you especially to Roy “The Tuna Whisperer” who guided us to 15 fish over 200 including one over 3, a bunch of 190’s and countless 150-175’s plus a great harvest of beautiful Wahoo!
It wasn’t all glitz and glamour as we had an unfortunate incident involving a collision at the rail. Doc Stan while looking for his receiver (and hooked to a nice fish) got blindsided by the left tackle and parted from his kite rod. The UFC community (crew & passengers) chipped in to buy him a new Penn 70 filled with JB 200, making an unfortunate accident into an upgrade. A definite reflection of the qualities I appreciate about this group and crew!
Following tradition, we ended the trip with a Crew appreciation event. This year in the spirit of safety, each member was outfitted with a personal flotation device , goggles and swim cap (very benign compared to year’s past (cheerleaders, exotic dancers, bridal party).
Next came our version of Squid Games in a match of musical buckets in which the loser would face the firing line of 30+ waterballoons. The sole survivor being Dougie. Also, in true UFC tradition, it simply turned into a massive waterballoon fight with another 500 balloons being loosed in less than a minute. No one was safe this year, too fun!
Anglers of the Trip Awards go to:
Dharyl “Big D” Shelbourne: 358#, 258#
Stan “Take a bow” Kanow: 270#
Kevin “I’m in Heaven” Shannon: 258#, 256# & 202#
Tom “I’ll show you how” Dow: 225#, 201#
Eric “Bunny Hop” Thomas: 224#
Mike “Ghostwriter” Hieshima: 220#, 199.99#
Team Wood: 219#
Bill “24 carat” Golder 211#
Spencer ” Never too” Young: 208#
John “Lottery pick” Yamate: 202#, 200#

Ghostwriter 2.0 out until 2025!


  1. Mike Hieshima on April 18, 2024 at 2:58 pm

    Obviously, Ghostwriter did not write the first paragraph. What a great trip! Still enjoying replaying the memories. See you at the dock.