Grant, We Remember You

Sorry for the long wait, but we are back in action. We departed Fisherman’s landing at 08:00 hours, headed over to the bait barge, and loaded up on some beautiful Sardines. We are now headed for points south, but BINGO!!!!

Around 20:30 hours, we found a school of Bluefin tuna, and the bite was on. Not wide open, but we did catch 38 Bluefin 20 to 50 pounds. If you were up, and not sleeping, you caught a Bluefin tuna. We are now headed south, and we will bypass Alijos rocks, as we head for our next destination.

As you look at our title, we will remember Grant Hieshima, as a friend, fisherman, father, grandfather. The crew loved it, when his sons would bring him fishing on the Royal, he was fun to be around, and we will miss him every year on this trip, but I’m sure he’s in heaven pulling on fish, and enjoying the heavenly life. Grant if you can see us, we miss you.

So, until next time, wish us luck. Team R/p…(Roy, Dharyl, Doug, Tommie, Travon, Eddie, Dave, and Frank)

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”?


  1. Erwin Bucy on April 6, 2022 at 4:10 am

    Here is to Grant Hieshima and his son Mike. Great people.

    Erwin Bucy