It’s Tough All Over

Hello everyone; Well, things are tough all over. We have had a very tough trip so far. If the Wahoo didn’t bite, it would be the toughest trip that I’ve been on in years. But the Wahoo have kept our anglers busy. But we need more, so we pulled our anchor, and we are headed north.

We will make a quick stop and try for some Yellowtail, then continue moving north, hopping that the Bluefin will make a showing for us. But all we have left is time. Time is on our side, for now.

Weather is just beautiful, ?with flat seas, sunny, and clear skies. We can’t complain about the weather. ? We are enjoying every minute of it. So, until next time, wish us luck. Team R/p.

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”?