The Bank goes Nuts

The Bank goes Nuts

Things changed from good to Nuts at the Bank! We anchored up and immediately started hooking fish. John Yamate gave a clinic on bait fish while the kite was going off. Wahoo and tuna were constantly on the hook then flying over the rail.

Combine great fishing with an all day spectacle of big tuna and wahoo blowing out on small flyers in the background was simply spectacular. This was one of my favorite days ever!

The big fish honors went to Big D who joined us as a passenger after decades on the boat. Funny thing, if you know Dharyl, he fishes stupid heavy drag. He had his 258#er to the boat in about 15 min. It was swimming upright and Green when gaffed. Truly a show within the show!

We have the pleasure of fishing with Mr & Mrs Nuts who are fine anglers and even finer people. It’s great going Nuts at the Bank with the Nuts!

Ghostwriter out

Shout outs

Kevin says hi to Kevin Shannon

Bill says hi to Donette

Gary says hi to Marianne (he’s not bored yet!)

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  1. Erwin Bucy on April 12, 2024 at 5:36 am

    100 bucks on Lloyd aka Mike Hieshima dba ghostwriter for biggest fish tomorrow.

  2. tom x schiff on April 13, 2024 at 3:15 pm

    Outstanding call to Let’s Talk Hookup just now – and super report/pics.

    Tom Schiff in SD