Let’s Do It Again

Hello everyone; Well, we departed fisherman’s ‘landing, yesterday. Headed to the bait barge, loaded a great load of bait and headed for points south. Our first day of fishing was a bit slow, and when the fish showed up in the early morning hours, most of our passengers were fast asleep. But today is a different story. All but one passenger was up fishing, and we are still in a 3-hour long drift. Most of the Bluefin are in the 70-to-100-pound range, with a few going over the 100-pound mark. Weather is good, and we are enjoying every bit of it. Not much time for photos but will post photos tomorrow. So, until tomorrow, wish us luck. Team R/p.

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  1. LeAnne Perry on June 16, 2022 at 4:05 pm

    Hi Dharyl! Thanks for your update! My son, Tyler Perry, along with his Granddad, Ron Lewis, were on the last fishing trip. I’m still looking forward to seeing the photos from this past weekend! I’m told you may have a photo of the 2 of them together with the bluefin that my son hooked. These are precious memories that I want to preserve, so I’m wondering how to go about buying photos from you. Thanks so much for helping to make and preserve such wonderful memories!

    All the Best,
    LeAnne Perry