Two Down, One To Go

We had another good day yesterday. We got our second well topped off and got into our last well. With 3 full days left to fish hopefully we can keep it going. The majority of the tuna we tagged weighed 100-188 pounds. Richard Keeley continues to do great and picked up a 188. The largest fish was caught by Will Harris and weighed 227 pounds. It’s Wills first long trip and he’s been upgrading his personal best about every day.

We agreed when he caught a 200, we would give him the personal best shower so needless to say Will got a hose down today. Congratulations Will!

RP CREW (Jonathan, Eddie, Tommie, Doug, Mike, Bryan, Chef Frank and Ron) ?

Will also wanted to send a message to his wife Eileen:

To my wife Eileen,
I love you and miss you. Thanks for the time off and for a great trip aboard the Royal Polaris. See you in a week.
God bless??