The Bank Is Open

We kept it rolling and put together another good day on the tuna. The tuna weighed 40-60 pounds and then 100-180 pounds. We released most of the smaller fish (40-60 pounders) and used our tags and well space on the nicer models. Richard Keeley had the largest tuna of the day and it weighed 197 pounds and earned him a $100.00 gift certificate to Jerry Brown Line One.

Steve Williams was a close second with a 195 pounder. Will “Air Force” Harris on his first long trip ever continues to get a couple nicer tuna a day upping his personal best all the time.

RP Crew (Jonathan, Eddie, Tommie, Bryan, Doug, and Mike)

On a personal note, a couple of our long-time passengers would like to send a couple shout outs to family and friends back home.

Mike Brown would like to wish Dan a happy 65th birthday!

Steve Oba would like to wish his wife Karen a happy birthday!?