Fins & Feather Departure

Hello everyone; Well we arrived back from our Corky’s 8 day adventure, and we had many more fish over the 100 pound mark than we thought. It was a wonderful trip, and next year it will be limited to 25 passengers. We would like to thank Corky and his crew, and a few sponsors that helped make this trip what possible. We would like to thank Mr. Hightower from West Coast Marketing, Diawa Reels.

Enough about the past, now to the present. We departed on our 2nd annual Fins & Feather trip. We have a great load of bait, as well as passengers. We had about 100 miles to go, before we would start fishing. So after lunch, Frank gave his fishing seminar, and the crew went to work, rigging everyone for night time Bluefin fishing. We starting getting bite around midnight. Every fish we hooked, we landed. We had a nice group of 100 to 207 pound bluefin on the deck. We did have one fish under 100 pounds, and figured it to be about 80 pounds. What a way to start out a 3 day trip.

Weather is beautiful, overcast, flat seas, and about 75 degrees. So with that note, wish us luck and we will report back tomorrow. Team R/p.

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”?