Tough Day

Hello everyone; Well today was a very tough day. We had very bad conditions for the island; Wind against current. With these type of conditions, we had some very serious tangles today. Weather wise, we had less than 10 knots for some of the day, then we had 12 to 15 knots for some of the day, and we left off with 15 knots of breeze, but this afternoon.

Most of the Yellowfin were in the 65 to 100 pound range. We did have some tackle problems, added on with the bad conditions, it was very tough, and not fun at all. The Yellowtail are also beautiful fish, with most 30 to 45 pounds, with a few smaller ones. So for our day of fishing, it was very tough.

We made a tank of bait tonight, and hopefully tomorrow, will be a better day for us. So with that note, wish us luck. Team R/p

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe” ?