Corky 8 Day Adventure

Hello everyone; Well the weather is beautiful, ?the seas are flat, and we have 32 happy anglers, waiting to hook-up on something big. ?This is our annual Corky 8 day adventure. We departed Fisherman’s landing, with a great load of bait, headed south to Ensenada. Once we cleared Ensenada, we headed for the island of Guadalupe .

When the sound of first call for breakfast was heard, it was time to open up our eyes, and have a great meal severed by Chef Doug. ?‍?Once our meal was over, Frank gave a seminar on what we can expect to get into.

With high hope, the crew went to work, getting everyone ready for battle. Dinner tonight was a mushroom sauce on a bone-in (two bones) pork chop, with rice, and sauté broccoli. What a meal, once we arrive to the island, we will have photos for a daily activities. Hopefully the tax-man will leave us alone.

So until tomorrow, wish us luck. Team R/p (Frank, Dharyl, Travon, Conner, Aden, Doug, and Ulyses).

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe” ?