Accessibility Statement for Royal Polaris

Royal Polaris and Fishermans Landing are committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone, and applying the relevant accessibility standards.

Accessibility on this Website:

Our website provides a number of methods, features, and policies that can help with access to our website and/or to products or services provided or referred to on our website or by our business.

There are also various aids available by third parties and which are provided by most browsers. A general discussion of these aids can be found on a number of websites, including and at

If you are having difficulty with access to our website, and/or third party or browser features, please contact us for further assistance.

Third Party Applications:

Our website may use third party add-ons or "plugins" for certain functions, such as Google Maps, social media feeds, etc. These may not work or may not work the same for every user and/or every type of disability. We do not have control over the structure of these plugin/elements, and we are unable to modify them at all or to the extent that would allow every user of our website, and are not responsible for those elements which we do not control.

Despite the efforts we may have made regarding accessibility, consistent with normal business practices for a company of our size and resources, some content, features, processes or policies may be improved and we always welcome your suggestions.

If you have a disability that has caused or may likely cause you difficulty in accessing or navigating any part of our website because of your particular disability or condition, please call us at 619-226-8030 and we will be happy to help you with anything related to your experience with being a part of our charters or offered services.

Thank you for being part of our effort to create accessibility for all!


Royal Polaris Staff and Crew