Day 2 Seminar

Hello everyone; Well after our morning meal, Roy started the day off with a seminar. He talked where we are going, and what we might expect for the next few days. Once Roy was done, the crew went to work. Getting everything and everyone ready for battle. The crew were making wind-on leaders, wire leaders, putting spectra on reels, answering question to all the newcomers to the boat. It was a busy day. The weather is beautiful, with flat seas, clear skies, sunny and warm. After most of the work was done, some anglers told fishing stories about the past experiences on the Royal Polaris. While others watched movies in the galley. We had a good report of Yellowtail being caught, so we will stop short of our first destination, and see if we can put a few Yellowtails on the boat. Not much else going on here, just good times and good living. Team R/p

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe” 🎣🎣