Wow What 3 Days We Had

Well, everyone; First we would like to say, what a last three days. We had excellent Yellowfin tuna fishing, some great weather and some bad weather, but all in all, it was a great three days.

We are back in the zone, and the reports will continue to fly out. The Yellowfin were all in the 80-to-120-pound range, with a few going over the 200-pound mark. This has been a great trip so far, and it’s not over yet.

We are now headed to Alijos rocks, and we are hopping the Yellowtail want to bite. The seas are flat for our travel north, but we had some tropical weather as far as rain. It was like being at Clipperton Atoll. Thunder, lighting, and lots of rain. Giving the boat a good freshwater rinse.

Beside from the excellent Yellowfin tuna fishing, we caught Wahoo, Grouper, and good times for all onboard. I can’t say much more about the fishing, so I’ll let the photos show you what a trip we had. We will add more photos once we get closer to home.

So, until tomorrow, wish us luck and we will keep you updated on our way home. Team R/p