Who’s Up

Hello everyone; Well the weather is great once again, with clear skies, sunny, and flat seas?. Before we arrived to our first destination, we landed a very nice Wahoo on the troll in open water. So we started looking,? and we would get a few more, before we continued moving south.

Once we arrived to the Uncle Sam Bank, we started trolling, we got luck, and found a few Wahoo that wanted to bite. The Wahoo were in the 40 to 60 pound range, and may be on few larger one’s. What a great way to start out on a 10 day trip.

D is one with the birds again

After lunch, when the Wahoo bite slowed down, we headed south to another area on the ridge, and started getting 15 to 20 pound Yellowfin tuna, in no way was it clean fishing, and the skipjacks would let us know this. It was 5-1 Skippy’s over the Yellowfin.

So we departed the area and we are now headed south once again. Hoping to find some biting Yellowfin and Wahoo in the morning. So until tomorrow, wish us luck and we will keep you updated on our daily events. Team R/p.

Praying to the Wahoo God’s

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe” ?