The Bun Is Gone

Hello everyone; 😎Well the Bun Is Gone, and boy what a great time we had today. With the Bun gone, the fish bite like old times. We had good fishing on 20 to 35 pound Yellowfin tuna. It was clean fishing, and we ran out of manpower by mid-afternoon. We had a handful of Yellowtail and Dorado.

The Dorado charged the boat before the sun came up, most were released back to the ocean, and some went to the galley for lunch tomorrow. Weather today, was just beautiful, 🌞with clear skies, flat seas, sunny, and warm. We departed the area around 19:00 hours, and we are headed to an area looking for Yellowtail and Sea Bass. 🐟

So wish us luck and keep you posted on our daily events. We will continue to post our photos on Facebook, until further notice. So wish us luck. Team R/p.

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”🎣