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Personel gear 3 to 6 day trips PDF Print E-mail


The following list of gear will help our passengers prepare for their trip. It is by no means a complete list - and some may consider it to be more than needed. A big part of the service we offer is to make sure our passengers are as prepared as possible. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (619) 226-8030. We’re standing by to assist you in planning your long-range adventure.

* DUFFEL BAGS - Considered best for storage, and for dirty laundry.


PANTS Bring a change for each day. Light material is best.
SHIRTS You may need 1 or 2 each day. If you’re sun sensitive, long sleeves are in order. Light fabric for quick drying and coolness in warm weather. Sweatshirts are handy for nights and cool weather.
SOCKS Yes! The more the better. At least a pair for each day.
SHORTS For those hot sultry summer days.
UNDIES Don’t forget them!
JACKET For those cool fishing nights and cooler weather.
SNEAKERS Bring 2 pair so you’ll always have a dry spare.

* RUBBER BOOTS - one pair of short, comfortable boots.

* HAT - Wide brim, baseball caps, foreign legion. Think Sun protection.

* LIGHT RAIN GEAR - Very seldom used, but appreciated when it rains.

* SUN GLASSES - Polarized to cut the glare. Security straps will prevent loss over the side.

* TOILETRIES - Bath towels, shampoo, soap, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

* TOOLS - Dykes (cross cutting pliers) duck bill pliers, holder and belt, hook sharpener.

* ROD BELTS - A personal choice as to what is most comfortable for you. Brands: Ripoff’s, Tanaguchi, Braid, Smitty. There are several sizes and a wide price range. (Available for rent at Fisherman’s Landing)

* RUBBER GLOVES - For handling your catch at the end of trip.

* HAY HOOK - for dragging fish around the dock.

* CAMERA & FILM - Make sure you have a supply of film and batteries. Cordless video recorders are also welcome.

* ENTERTAINMENT - Use the travel time to catch up on that favorite book. We have a great selection of DVD’s, but you’re more than welcome to bring one or two along to share.

* WRITING MATERIAL - Notebook, stationary, pens and pencils for making notes on what to bring next trip (and what to leave behind.) Keep a daily journal of the action - it will add to your photos.

* PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP - We do not clear customs on these trips. However, you will be officially visiting a foreign country. We recommend that you have a passport or certified copy of your birth certificate with you.

* SEA SICK MEDICATION & REMEDIES - Check with your Physician for preferred method of prevention (Transderm patches are back! These appear to be highly successful.) There are several over-the-counter products that are very effective. Your local Pharmacist would be another excellent source for recommendations.




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