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Tough Day For All (091614)
Hello everyone;  We mother nature lets us know that she is still in charge.  We arrived to our destination around 05:00 hours.  At sunrise, we started looking, and the wind had come up just a bit.  Around 07:00 hours, the Navy came on channel 16 and told all the boats they had to leave the area we were all fishing in for live fire.  We departed the area, and nothing went right from there.  We searched near and far for fish, and when I say it was tough, it was very tough.  The wind picked up to about 25 knots, and searching was very tough.  But by 17:00, we did find a few fish that did bite for us.  We didn't land very many, but it was a team effort.

Once the sun set, we pulled into a nice cove and anchored for the night.  We are hoping the wind will blow it self out tonight, so that we may have a safe day of fishing.  So not much more to report, just hoping for a windless day tomorrow.  Wish us luck, the R/p crew.

"Hiding From The Wind"

Early Morning Bite Dorado (091614)
Hello everyone;  Our morning started out with great weather, a slight breeze to cool it down, and searching for kelps.  We stopped on a couple of kelps before finding pay-dirt.  This kelp had a no vacancy sign on it, and when the smoked cleared, we had our limits of Dorado.  Most of the Dorado were in the 15 to 18 pound range, with a few going over 20+ pounds, and yes we did have a few smaller ones, but not that many.

So now it's on to our next destination, the Yellowfin grounds.  We should arrive around 05:00 hours, so wish us luck and we will keep you posted on our web-site and Facebook.  The R/p crew.

"Keeping Rods Bent"

Jumbo Yellowtail (091415)
Hello everyone;  Running from the storm, you could say that, but the water down below is just a bit to warm for our bait.  So we turned around and headed to Cedros Island.  Once we arrived, the Yellowtail were very cooperative.  Most of the fish were in the 22 to 35 pound range, and we might have a few around 40, but only time will tell.  It was like 10 fish to one on the dropper-loop over the iron.  These were all beautiful fish.  We lost a few to the kelp, but the one's we landed were beautiful fish.

We departed the island around 16:00 hours, and we are now headed offshore, and will be looking for kelps in the morning.  We will try our luck at some Dorado and school size Yellowfin.  But who knows what might be under the kelps in 77 degree water temp.  So until tomorrow, wish us luck and enjoy the photos.  The R/p crew

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"

Yellowtail Make Big Showing (091414)
Hello everyone;  Our weather was excellent, until the sun came out, then it was a bit hot.  By mid afternoon, we did have a breeze to cool it off, just a little.  The weather was not the only thing that was hot.  The Yellowtail action today was just as HOT.  We had limits for all aboard.  Most of the fish were in the 14 to 20 pound range, with a few larger ones.  We departed the area around 17:00 hours and we are headed for points south.  We will start to work up once we get to our destination. 

Our plans are to try for some Wahoo and Yellowtail, and start working up.  We are hoping to get to the tuna grounds, so we will have 3 full days of fishing in the area.  But our hopes are high for some action tomorrow.  So wish us luck and we will keep you posted on our daily events.  The R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"

Accurate Departure (091314)
Hello everyone;  We departed Fisherman's landing at 10:15 hours.  We have a good load of bait and we are headed for points south.  We have a great group on board, and they are ready to fish.

Dave Malone is the Accurate rep for this trip.  Dave brought several rods and reels for our passengers to try out.  Dave also gave away tee-shirts for everyone.  We like to thank Accurate for providing rods and reels for our group to try out.

We have great weather, with clear skies, a slight breeze out of the northwest, and sunny.  With high hopes and good reports from the boats south, we are hoping for a good day.  So until fingers and keyboard meet again.  Good luck and good fishing.  The R/p crew (Jonathan, Dharyl, Terence, Ben, Deron, Jim, James, and Kenny).

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"
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