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Glossary of Long Range Sportfishing PDF Print E-mail

  • A:
  albi:  albacore.
  • B:
  back-up:  an outfit consisting of a large reel filled with 130 dacron connected a pair of floats and release clips. Used in case of a passenger has hooked into a cow tuna and is getting spooled.
  bait boat:  a commercial type tuna boat, that still uses lift-poles to catch tuna.
  bank:  a high spot on the ocean floor exp. 176 fathoms from 900 fathoms.
  BE:  Bigeye tuna.
  bent over:  when you look out the wheelhouse door and notice that all the rods being used are bent over. Example: we are all bent over.
  BF:  bluefin tuna.
  BFH:  Big Fish Happen.
  Big "C":  clarion island.
  big nose:  bigeye tuna.
  bohunk:  large sardine.
  breezer:  school of fish(yellowtail or tuna usally) swimming close enough to surface to cause what looks like a breeze on the water.
  • C:
  Cabo:  cabo san lucas.
  cape:  cabo san lucas.
  cannary haul:  bringing in a boat with wells full of fish.
  carrot:  albacore style trolling feather in orange and yellow color.
  chesters:  a rock just north of Punta Eugenia, known for its giant yellowtail.
  color:  when you can see the color of the fish on the end of your line.
  comet:  Roca Partida.
  corn dog:  large green mackeral, over 10in.
  cows:  large yellowfin tuna over 200lbs.
  cucumber:  albacore feather in green, lime and white color.
  • D:
  day boat:  sportfishing boat that only goes out for one day at a time.
  • E:
  • F:
  fatso:  albacore bigger than 25lbs.
  flat spot:  school of tuna swimming close to the surface, so that they will create a flat spot, more noticable on choppy days.
  flyers:  flying fish.
  full rack:  everybody on the boat has a fish on, comes from bait boats where men still fish from the racks on the side of the boat.
  • G:
  gaffish:  in reference to a 7691 12/0; a hook so big it tends to be gaffish.
  greenie:  green mackeral.
  grinner:  shark.
  gyros:  gyro-stabalized binoculars, used in finding flat spots, breezers, kelps.
  • H:
  hard bottom:  bottom that is harder(rock) than the surrounding area.
  high spot:  a pinnacle or mound on top of the exsiting ridge or bank.
  homeboys:  big yellowtail.
  homeguards:  big yellowtail that supposedly live in or at one area or island.
  • I:
  icing on the cake:  when you have had a great trip and the boat is full and you stop at Canoas for all you want sand bass, white fish, barracuda, yellowtail, white seabass etc., on the last morning of the trip.
  • J:
  jumpers:  jumping fish.
  justice:  what is served when you put the wood to them after a slow day.
  • K:
  King:  swordfish.
  • L:
  liftpole:  long fiberglass rod with no reel used to lift tuna out of the water immedately after biting the hook or feather squid.
  lily iron:  swordfish harpoon.
  lunker hole:  fishing spot at the south end of San Benedicto island.
  • M:
  Mag bay:  magdalena bay.
  mesh:  purse seine boat.
  meter mark:  fish mark on the fathom meter.
  mossback:  older, larger yellowtail.
  • N:
  nozzle:  bigeye tuna.
  • O:
  ol' smokey:  San Benedicto island.
  • P:
  pea-shooter:  small tackle for big fish.
  • Q:
  • R:
  ridge, the:  string of high spots from uncle sam bank to thetis bank.
  • S:
  sac:  sea anchor, example: they are flopping out the sac, or they are sitting the sac.
  salami:  large, southern green mackeral.
  skinney:  whaoo.
  skip jig:  light surface iron fished fast so that it skips on the surface of the water.
  smutz:  type of feed layer usally towards the surface, found on the up and down meter and sonar.
  stick boat:  swordfish harpoon boat.
  surface iron:  larger light type of jigs, 7X, II sharp 44, tady 45 etc.
  • T:
  Team Roid:  a collection of people that fish and drink beer and have a shirt printed up with a lovely flower on it, oh yeah, they also have a good time.
  tonnage:  catching lots of fish, as in tons of fish.
  • U:
  • V:
  • W:
  WFO:  wide @#$%&* open.
  wood:  putting the wood to the fish, catching lots of them, comes from the days when men would use calcutta for lift-poles.
  WSB:  white seabass.
  • X:
  • Y:
  YFT:  yellowfin tuna.
  YT:  yellowtail.
  • Z:




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