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Smooth ride to Cabo
We'll be in Cabo in the morning and so far this is the dream ride in with beautiful sky and a flat sea. Passengers are all packed up and the crew already got the deck scrubbed down. As I said in my last report, I will be getting off the boat in Cabo along with about 2/3 of the passengers. I'll be meeting my wife for a week's vacation there which she richly deserves for encouraging me to go fishing, and I can use the R&R for sure after long hours at the rail.

The trip in my opinion was excellent over all. On the way down we heard reports of wide open fishing with daily limits for all. Conditions like that are great but you know that it can't last and in truth each of us never had to deal with battling huge fish all day long. Our average was probably around 2 fish per day per person but as you could guess that inevitably means some lucky guy is getting his limit, and someone else who just isn't having his day won't get a pick up. The quality of tuna and many of the wahoo was outstanding and if you've been keeping track you know we had a very respectable number of cows.

As I age gracefully more and more it's about the adventure and fun with at least a little less emphasis on the catch. Not only is it a world class fishing trip out here, but it's also a whale watching excursion, a bird watcher's paradise, a dolphin show, a cruise, shark week at times, and a daily visit to a gourmet restaurant. Weather as I have said over and over again was perfection almost every day. Speaking of perfection, how can I not talk about the crew. Terence, Big D, Eddie, Jim (Rambo) and co-captain Jonathan were always available for assistance, advice for defeating your hooked fish, a bulls eye gaff, or just a friendly conversation.

 The R.P. specializes in making you feel both welcome and at home. James and Josh our master chefs for the trip always go far beyond what is necessary in preparing outstanding, exciting, and visibly impressive meals that never seem to stop. Frank never seems to sleep, is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in our frequent seminars, is constantly at work finding good fish, and as personable and friendly as any other crew member or passenger. Then there's our charter host Jack. We have sorely missed him here the last two years and he truly adds a great measure enjoyment when he's aboard. The Accurate reels he handed out played a major role in our success. Their smooth drag and effortless free spool regardless of drag setting are legendary, and they are that way right out of the box. I see more non loner Accurates on rods every trip I take as once you use one, both you and the fish get hooked. His give aways seem unending and there is something of value up for grabs every day. A couple of reels have already been awarded and there was a raffle tonight for another one for anyone who caught fish on a Halco lure. Winner of the reel was Gary La Croix.  Sure hoping Jack makes it back next year, I know I plan to. Also one last thanks to all our other sponsors for stocking Jack's grab bags. I guess that's all I've got until I return for another trip in Dec. Hope you enjoyed my reports and of course, the................

In Cabo we wound up just walking
No Dolphin swim or bill fish stalking 
Turns out all the dolphin
Were on the links golf'n    
And the marlin were all time share hawking.

         Your guest reporter Larry Eilbott signing off.




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