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Hey RP fans,

Our weather today was absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed flat calm seas and plenty of sunshine. The crew took advantage of the down time and completed some annual travel day projects. While our passengers read, watched movies, played cards, faced timed love ones via wifi or just sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather.
As this trip slowly winds down, we would like to give a special group of anglers some recognition: our three lady anglers. While it is not unusual to have women aboard we would like to take the time to share some of these women's’ experiences and in so doing let all you ladies out there know that you can do it too! When one thinks of long-range fishing especially the longer trips targeting giant yellowfin tuna a more macho mentality comes to mind. For example big men with big muscles using every ounce of strength to land a big yellowfin tuna. These days two speed reels, spectra, and the use of the rail have made landing larger tuna more of a technique than just a show of pure strength. While the majority of anglers that come on these longer trips are male, the lady anglers that come out do just fine if not better than their male counterparts. Why they do better at times is up for debate but one reason could be that they are more open to suggestions and tend to listen better to the crew (hahaha). More often than not a less experienced passenger that shows up with an open mind will have a more successful trip in comparison to the veteran fisherman.

Our first angler is Stacy Enns from Bakersfield, California. Prior to this trip Stacy's largest fish was 59 pound yellowfin tuna caught on an 8 day trip. Needless to say she was a little anxious about going on this trip not only because of the size of the fish but because of the stories she had heard about how hard they pull. This trip she caught numerous yellowfin tuna over 100 pounds, several wahoo as well as her new personal best a 207 pound yellowfin tuna. When asked how the trip went she said she learned a lot, completely enjoyed herself and can't wait to come out again.

Our second angler is Katie Mason who started fishing with her mom at age 11. Katie has previously fished a lot of 1/2 day and 3/4 day trips out of Seaforth Sportfishing and longest trip was a 3 day she made this past summer on the Searcher. This trip she caught six fish over 100 pounds as well as two wahoo and her new personal best a 152 pound yellowfin tuna. Katie had a great time, learned a lot and cannot wait to do it all again.

Our third angler is Kathy Rounds who learned how to fish from her dad and has been a customer on the Royal Polaris since 1995. She has learned quite a bit from the RP crew over the past fourteen years and it shows as she caught three yellowfin tuna over 200 pounds with her largest weighing in at 215 caught on a sardine. She also had several wahoo.

Enjoy the photos of our RP ladies in action and we hope that more of you female fishermen join us on the RP





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