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Early tomorrow we will be anchored in Cabo and I will be getting off of the boat to spend a week on the beach with my lovely wife. Obviously this will be the last report I file but keep checking the website because D will be sending out pictures from the trip soon. Today was spent cleaning gear and packing up but Bob from Accurate did give away another reel today when Sterling Tanouye won the raffle for the last unclaimed prize. Speaking of Accurate all of the passengers would like to extend a hearty thanks for the use of the quality rods and fabulous reels. Not to mention the give aways which consisted of Accurate reels, rods, Calstar blanks, Salas lures and T-shirts.
I did finally find Jack today! I heard music coming from one of the Accurate reel bags and inside I found Jack listening to Juanita, curled up, smoking a cigar and having a cocktail.
This trip was quite challenging at times due to the poor conditions and a lack of current but we ended up having a great trip and pretty much filled the boat. Our success can be directly attributed to the crew and captain. In this type of fishing current can make or break your trip. When the boat is constantly swinging over your lines and your chunks are falling straight down as both were for most of the trip, you know you are in for tough fishing. Jonathan was captaining his first trip of this duration and persevered through challenging conditions to produce what turned out to be a good trip. He was constantly repositioning the boat trying to give us every advantage. There's no telling how many times we had to hear wind them up or let's go look around. But in the end we came out on top. The passengers found him confident, considerate, pleasant and even bold. He did a great job on his first extra long trip.
We would also like to give praise and thanks to the rest of the crew, Jimmy (Rambo), Eddie, D, Kenny and Evan. Also kudos to Anthony and Harry who just kept turning out one culinary treat after another. I'll be back with more poems in December but till then I will leave you with this:

Poem of the day

In Cabo the party hard grouper
Chugged tequila he thought was just super
He woke the next day
And smelled like decay
In a stupor the grouper did a Popper




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