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Valentines Day Greetings from the R.P.(2/14/13)
Before we talk about fishing, 2 things... I know I left you with a cliff hanger yesterday when Roger Hawtree was still pulling on "something". It turned out to be a Manta Ray. By the time it was close enough to get a positive ID, the consensus was that it would be what it turned out to be. Almost nothing out here could pull that hard so long. Second is a great big Valentines Day greeting to all of our significant others out there who condone our being on the fishing trip in the first place. Telephone connections are out here but I'm sure we're all trusting that our flowers,candy,or as in my case e-cards get delivered today. Now as for fishing, we're still where we started and sitting tight for now. The morning bite was a little later this morning, closer to 5 AM. When it went off it was pretty much as before with excellent fishing on jigs and sunken sardines. Probably a little more than half of the 28 tuna landed today came in the morning dark bite. Nick Didovic Jr. got a 207 out of the bite which was the only 200 pounder of the day. That also made it the first of the day and as a result he won an Accurate 600 Extreme reel which was the big prize of the day. His father, Nick Sr. also got a 195 this morning. During the day the tuna fishing was again painfully slow and we picked up 12 wahoo mostly on anchor. Then there was the late afternoon kite bite! During the ride down there is always a part of the seminars devoted to kite fishing and how important it is to be ready to go up if it turns on. Those who didn't believe it, do now. All day long the kite action was zero and about 4PM some body got bit. After that getting up on the kite was the A ticket to happiness as one angler after another got bit, usually within a minute or so. All the kite fish were of great quality with the largest going 175. As quickly as it started it stopped but not before a hefty part of the rotation and gotten up and scored. As it had been all day, bait fishing during the kite action was poor. Most of the tuna today were 100 to 120 and the rest were 150 to 195. Weather is fine. It still blows up a bit, but reasonable calm most of the day, warm when the suns out, wind breakers and jackets the rest of time. So there's the story for today. A very long hard day in the middle, framed by great action early and late. That's enough to keep up around here at least until tomorrow.

When landed the tuna was bitter
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