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What a Great Trip
RP Family & Friends,

We have had a very pleasant ride up toward Cabo. Most of the passengers spent the day packing and relaxing. Poker, cribbage, books and movies were the main activities of the day. We had a phenomenal prime rib dinner with all the fixings. Everyone aboard truly deserved a quiet day and nice dinner to recharge before heading home...

The trip was outstanding and exceeded any of our long range trips prior. The boat totals for the trip were 220 tuna and 259 wahoo. In addition, we released more than 150 tuna in the 80-190lb range and a few that were likely over 200lbs. The boat ended up with 31 tuna over 200lbs. The 200lb Club for the trip are as follows:

- Clyde "the Glide" Smith tied his best trip ever with 5 tuna at 201, 205, 224, 234 & 235
- Frank "the Crank" Fink with a 243
- Jim "Chopper" Travis had his personal best at 232
- Marc "I'm having soooo much fun" Calder a first timer had a 225
- Jack "Babyface" Gruschus had 2 tuna at 228 & 208
- John "the Best of the Best" Yamate had 2 at 202 & 232
- John "I need a backup" Natsume had his personal best at 234
- Ron " Maybe I have the Flu" Jew tied for 2nd in the jackpot at 243
- Mike"Your humble guest author" Hieshima had 3 at 218, 207 & 206
- Chris "I can't stop talking" Peterson had 2 fish at 225 and won jackpot with a 245
- Billy "The tuna slayer" Boulder had a 214
- Sue "Another one hits the deck" Beck had a 202
- Gary " Welcome back" Cotter had 2 at 234 &205
- Mike "I'm not that guy" Ashford tied for the 2nd largest at 243
- Rick "East Cape" Tyrer had 3 on his first adventure fishing long range at 227, 222 & 203
- Warren "Please no wasabi on my" Hamachi, another first timer had 2 at 209 & 207
- Bill "Where's Tsuj" Nakaki had a 229
- Roy "Bring on the hose" Rose won the crew fishing tourney with his personal best of 204

I can't say enough for the efforts of the crew. They were at the top of their game the entire trip and will be hard to top in the future. Thank you on behalf of all the guests on this trip, we really appreciate all you have done...

Thanks to you for following the trip, I'm already looking forward to next year (only 365 days remaining). Until then...

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe" [:{|)



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