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FW: Royal Polaris Repower and Retrofit!

Hi everyone;

We apologize for the lack of reporting thru our maintenance period, but we have been working long hours and there was just too much happening.  The 3 Caterpillars C-18s have been installed and we have completed 2 sea trials with 2 more to be done before our first trip.  Perhaps the most noticeable factor is how quiet the boat is, because if you are standing on the stern while under full cruise all you can hear is the prop wash.  This is all due to the new muffler system we installed.  When running the boat the only way you can tell you have raised RPMs is by actually looking at gauges or nothing that the boat is moving.  You do not hear the engines.  I will report more about speed and fuel economy after we run a few trips.  Initially it appears we will be faster than with the Cummins engines.

In the engine room we have done a major re-build of our refrigeration system along with maintenance of all pumps.

The galley, cooking area, a rebuild of part of this area which will give Anthony, Jim, and Kenny a better working area and much more storage.  Installation of 2 new ovens at a cost of $8800.00 was also completed.  We also completely re-carpeted the galley.

Staterooms, all staterooms have been completely re-wallpapered with new photos and also new carpeting in both the rooms and hallways.  Hallways also were re-wallpapered.  Aft section hallways head and both private heads have been redone.

Sonar dome, removed with new packing glands replaced.

Mens head replace with new flush toiled and new vinyl.

There was many other maintenance items done that at this moment I cannot recall.  Our crew this year will consist of,

Frank, Roy, Dharyl, Jonathan, Terence, Evan, Eddie, Kenny, Jim, Anthony, James, Kenny.

We are very excited about the new season and we are all looking forward to showing you a great time with service that will amaze you.  The crew of the Royal Polaris.

P.S.  Photos will be posted tomorrow.

Hello everyone out there ,
The Royal Polaris will be arriving back at Fishermans Landing between 930 and 10 am due to poor weather we are a little behind schedule to say the least .The 18 to 25 knots of wind aren't helping out if you know what i mean , we will see you all tomorrow .
RP Crew

please check our website later to see if we have an updated eta , thank you
Coming Home (051212)
Hello everyone;

Reporting from the Royal Polaris. Things are going good, with a slight breeze out of the northwest, and clear skies. The crew was busy for most of the day getting the boat ready for it's annual maintenance. There's a lot of work to be done, and the boat will be getting new engines this year, and some face lifting on the inside.
We will continue to post, but not everyday. We will update you on our ETA tomorrow afternoon. So until then good luck and good fishing. The R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe" [:{)}
What a Great Trip
RP Family & Friends,

We have had a very pleasant ride up toward Cabo. Most of the passengers spent the day packing and relaxing. Poker, cribbage, books and movies were the main activities of the day. We had a phenomenal prime rib dinner with all the fixings. Everyone aboard truly deserved a quiet day and nice dinner to recharge before heading home...

The trip was outstanding and exceeded any of our long range trips prior. The boat totals for the trip were 220 tuna and 259 wahoo. In addition, we released more than 150 tuna in the 80-190lb range and a few that were likely over 200lbs. The boat ended up with 31 tuna over 200lbs. The 200lb Club for the trip are as follows:

- Clyde "the Glide" Smith tied his best trip ever with 5 tuna at 201, 205, 224, 234 & 235
- Frank "the Crank" Fink with a 243
- Jim "Chopper" Travis had his personal best at 232
- Marc "I'm having soooo much fun" Calder a first timer had a 225
- Jack "Babyface" Gruschus had 2 tuna at 228 & 208
- John "the Best of the Best" Yamate had 2 at 202 & 232
- John "I need a backup" Natsume had his personal best at 234
- Ron " Maybe I have the Flu" Jew tied for 2nd in the jackpot at 243
- Mike"Your humble guest author" Hieshima had 3 at 218, 207 & 206
- Chris "I can't stop talking" Peterson had 2 fish at 225 and won jackpot with a 245
- Billy "The tuna slayer" Boulder had a 214
- Sue "Another one hits the deck" Beck had a 202
- Gary " Welcome back" Cotter had 2 at 234 &205
- Mike "I'm not that guy" Ashford tied for the 2nd largest at 243
- Rick "East Cape" Tyrer had 3 on his first adventure fishing long range at 227, 222 & 203
- Warren "Please no wasabi on my" Hamachi, another first timer had 2 at 209 & 207
- Bill "Where's Tsuj" Nakaki had a 229
- Roy "Bring on the hose" Rose won the crew fishing tourney with his personal best of 204

I can't say enough for the efforts of the crew. They were at the top of their game the entire trip and will be hard to top in the future. Thank you on behalf of all the guests on this trip, we really appreciate all you have done...

Thanks to you for following the trip, I'm already looking forward to next year (only 365 days remaining). Until then...

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe" [:{|)
The Last Bite
RP Family and Friends,

Once the crew rearranged the fish last night, it appeared we could fit 2 more of the larger models in the remaining space before departing at noon for Cabo. We did just that adding 2 more 2's to the boat total to 31 tuna over 200lbs. Mike Hieshima (me) caught his 3rd over 200 early in the morning at 206lbs and Roy caught a 204lber. Let me tell the story of Roy's fish...

Earlier in the morning, Bill Nakaki and a few of us devised a fishing tourney for the crew. The basic rules were simple, we would give the entire crew 30 minutes to catch the largest fish while worked the deck. At exactly 10am we called the crew (including Bill Golder and John Yamate designated anglers for Anthony and James) to the back of the boat and asked them to choose a rod and reel. Surprisingly, almost all of them chose 100lb outfits
except Roy stuck with the 130 Blackwater and 8/0 circle hook

(instead of 130lb covered in the seminar). In addition, most chose 5/0 hooks instead of the requested 6/0's. Just before the start, we added a little twist and cut off all of their hooks adding a bit of pressure and testing their knot tying skill. Once the buzzer sounded, Ron Jew and John Natsume each sent a full scoop of bait flying and the wahoo were quick to react. It took about a minute to get a hook and bait. Talk about rude, they were pushing, shoving and stealing bait from each other. Speaking of bait, the importance of selection (also covered in the seminar) was pretty much out the window, 3 of them hooked salami mackerel onto 6/0 hooks (another no no). The first volley of casts were hysterical with no "low bridge", "going out" or other pleasantries. During the first round, all contestants received an accidental spray down (payback gentlemen). It was like a spider web of spectra with casts flying in every direction. There was no "following of baits" (tsk,tsk) and every bait was picked or wahoo'd immediately with a 3 way tangle in the corner. The result of the first few minute, 0 fish and 1 tangle. From there the crew settled in and started hooking fish with Eddie hooking a wahoo and running to the bow. The back was bedlam with fish darting every which way and half the guys getting picked again. There was no calm in this storm as they had the fever as bad as any 3/4 day boat reaching the albacore grounds. From this point, it got a bit blurry as guys were crossing lines, wahoo ripping thru the corner and scoops of baiting being crushed right on the stern. By the halfway mark, there were 6 wahoo on board with Big D in the lead. That's when the Tuna decided to show. John Yamate hooked one and was blocked from passing around the corner by Dharyl, Terrence and his son. He squeezed by finally as the fish was 3/4 up the starboard side of the boat. His fish came to gaff and was a 75lber taking the lead over Big D's nice wahoo. Just as John's came aboard, a couple nice tuna showed up and were inhaling everything that hit the water. By now, there were only a few minutes remaining to officially hook a fish. Bill Golder did just that and went screaming up the port side. A minute remaining and Roy hooked the big one letting everyone know in his giggling Roy voice saying "just hooked the big one, yeah". A minute remaining with Bill and Roy hooked up and not following their fish. One last bait and just after the buzzer, Terrence hooks a nice one but was disqualified. Big D reached over his shoulder and flipped the reel into free-spool hoping to saw off Captain Roy's fish. The deck hose was used to distract Roy but as he was being hosed down, all he could say was "It's working, it's working". A few minutes later Roy's was gaffed by first timers Cliff & Ted from Arizona along with a 3rd gaff as backup by Sue Beck. The gate was pulled and the gaffing team slid aboard the 204lber. In 30 minutes of fishing, the crew landed 6 wahoo and 3 tuna with one over 200. Pretty impressive if you ask me. The event was captured on video and Big D intends to put it on You Tube next week...

That was a hilarious ending to an amazing trip. I have no suggestions on how to make the experience any better except perhaps having my Dad here to fish with me. We can't thank the RP crew enough for the trip. Truly a trip of a lifetime...

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"
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