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The Party Is Over (011512)
Hello everyone;

The party is over, and the results are in. Steve "Happy Feet" Goto is the winner. Not only did steve win first, but also second. So Steve one the money, the jacket, and the name of Calico king for a year.

Weather today was a bit overcast, cold, and the seas are flat. We are now headed for home, with happy anglers all aboard. This has been a great trip, and like passenger and crew we look forward to the next trip. Our next trip will depart on the 19th of January 2012. The next trip is an 18 day ride down, ride back. Jerry Brown is the sponsor for the next trip.

So until our next report, good luck and good fishing. The R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"
Wonderful Day At San Benitos (011412)
Hello everyone;

First of all I would like to say what a game. The San Francisco 49ers and the Saints. Who DAT beating the Saints, it's the 49er's. But enough about football.

The fishing around San Benito's Island was good on 3 to 5 pound Red's. The Yellowtail fishing was on the slow side, but the one's we caught they were released back to be caught at a later date. We are now fishing Conoas point. Today it the big Calico tournament. Write about now the world record Whitefish holder Craig Ito is in first place. But we will keep you updated on the winner.

Weather today is overcast, flat seas, and a bit chilly. We will fish all day, then head for home. The boat will arrive to Fisherman's landing at 06:00 hours on the 17th of January. So until tomorrow, are you ready for some football. The R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"
Recap Photos of the trip (011312)
Friday the 13th;

Weather is just beautiful, a slight breeze, overcast and cool for traveling north. We had a wonderful sunset tonight. We will try our luck at Rockfish tomorrow afternoon, but I thought I would send some photos from the trip. Enjoy the photos, the R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"

Moving North (011212)
Hello everyone;

Well we have great weather, and we are moving north. The boat plans are to get in a day early. So are arrival will be on the 17th of January 2012. We are full, but we will make a few stops for Reds and Calico Bass (catch and release). We will keep you posted and post photos tomorrow, once we get closer to home. Until tomorrow, wish us luck, the R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"
Unbelievable (011112)
Hello everyone;

Unbelievable, thats the word for today. Sorry about the now updates, but low signal, means no updates. By the time you read this, we will be on our way to fish for reds.

We are full, thats 7 years in a row. I don't know what to say, but thats good fishing in anybodies book. We had many anglers catch there first 200 pound Yellowfin, and many others catch there personnel best. We have a few old-timers on the trip, and J.T. Flannery (87 years young) caught a 232 pound Yellowfin tuna.

Now for the rest of the crew with 200 plus fish:

Sam Lewis 201, 203
Calvin Fujimoto 202
Walt Jeffrey 201, 202
Alan Otsuka 202
Ron Watanabe 220
Paul Boggs 220
Ron Watanabe 228
Jack Preston 206

Now for the rest, we had another 40 fish in the 180 to 198 pounds, just short of the 200 pound mark. Our last day of fishing we had an excellent day of Wahoo fishing, now thats the way to finish a trip off. We are headed north for now, but we will keep you posted on our upcoming events.
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