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Boat Reports
Another Great Day
Hello RP Friends,

Today marked the first day of RSW which motivated the Asian fisherman to dream of sushi tuna and wake with great anticipation followed by increased effort and focus on putting a few down. The hard work paid off as we had a great morning of Wahoo fishing along with a great late afternoon bite on nice tuna. We had several more fish over the 200lb mark including Chris Peterson with a 227 and John Yamate with a 235. We ended the day with 38 tuna and 82 wahoo. Another 20+ tuna that were in the 50 to 70 lb bracket released to grow larger. ..

The "That Guy" report for the day includes a handful of fish sawed off, several tangles and one tantrum. However, it did motivate a large stream of balloons being released to celebrate banishment of the technique for the day. It truly was a sight to behold, red, blue, white and purple balloons filled the sky and all but one passenger cheered in celebration...

Trying to be positive with the personality, I tried to think of the top 3 things we could do with That Guy in the future:

1) Add him to the chunk line
2) Bring a blow dart gun and have target practice on both balloon and That Guy
3) Book him on the Indy for the next trip in April

Remember to avoid being That Guy...

No Little Frank report today as he got stuck in the bait tank overflow while he was chewing out the crew for a piece of trash left on the deck for more than 30 seconds. No one retrieved him until nightfall...

Personal notes:

Rick, Mark and his dad miss having you join us and especially the free minutes on your Sat phone...

Another Great Day
Dear RP Fans,

We had another great day aboard the RP. Much like yesterday, it started in the dark with a handful of tuna over 200lbs. Rick Tyrer had a 227 on the biggest squid I have ever seen flown on the kite. Warren Hamachi scored his second over 200 at 207lbs. The boat had 50 tuna in the 80 to 130 and the other class 150 -185lb with a couple over 200 lb and 37 quality wahoo...

We have an amazing group of anglers with the exception of one guy we will refer to as "That Guy". Please remember on future trips to avoid being That Guy...

We do miss Frank on the trip with his warm sense of humor, charisma, charm and for all the nice hugs he gives to us passengers. Not! Sorry Frank, it's like fisherman gone wild on the boat. Take for instance, allowing me to write the reports, which obviously would never happen with Mr. Grumpy Pants in the wheelhouse. However, in order to keep us in line, Little Frank was up to no good and we found him checking the fruit supply.

Dad misses and loves you and will bring home lots of fish...

First Day of Action
Hello Royal Polaris Family,

We reached our initial destination at 5:02 am and promptly made bait and scored a couple fish over 200lbs. The day was full of action with 51 Wahoo and 59 tuna including 5 over 200lbs. The crew did it's typical fantastic job sorting through our first day trouble. Tuna bit into the dark and put on a great show into the night. After dark, Anthony and Jim treated the group to a roast pig, Poki, salmon and fried rice, truly a great way to end a great day...

Now for the entertaining part of the report. Many of you may not know this but Frank likes to run the Nakaki/Sooge trip but unfortunately could not make it this year due to his son Tony graduating (at the top of his class) from Law School. How Tony got so much intelligence from a gene pool with half the DNA coming from Frank is truly a mystery to me. We all wish Tony congratulations...

Frank may not be with us in person but is with us in spirit and has sent his evil twin (Little Frank) to keep an eye on the crew to ensure the charter is run to "LoPreste" standards. Little Frank has been seen in some inconspicuous places keeping an eye out and reporting back to Big Frank. We have captured a couple of his hiding spots and will send photos daily of his antics...

A few stats:
Personal Bests: Cliff Wright, Ted Roper, Rick Tyrer, Pete Lorman
200lbers: Warren Hamachi 208, Marc Calder 225, Bill Boulder 216, Clyde Smith 228, Mike Ashford 243

So with that note, we will keep you posted on our daily events. The R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"

Guest Author
Ready For Battle (043012)
Hello everyone;

Weather today was just gorgeous, with flat seas, clear skies, and sunny. Our day started out with a in-def seminar on Yellowfin and Wahoo fishing. Once Roy was done with his seminar, then Bill Nakaki had Tee-shirts for all aboard and everyone received a door prize.

Once the fun was over, the crew went to working getting everyone ready for tomorrows fight. It was time to do the final touches on top-shots, drags settings, and any thing else that had to be done before tomorrow morning.

Starting tomorrow we will have a guest writer (Mike Hieshima). If any of you know Mike, the next ten reports will keep you entertained and laughing. So until tomorrow, wish us luck, the R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"
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