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Boat Reports
Making Bait (040312)
Good morning everyone;

Weather was a bit chilly today, with clear skies and sunny. We made a quick stop for bait, and we are continuing our trip south to Cabo San Lucas. Some of our passengers made wind-on leader today, with the help of the crew. So until tomorrow, wish us luck. The R/p crew .

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"
Clipperton Atoll (040112)
Hello everyone;

We departed Fishermans landing at 17:00 hours. We made a quick stop at the bait receivers and we are now headed for Cabo San Lucas. We will make many stops on the way down, to try our luck at making a few tanks of bait (Mackerel).

We have 9 passengers riding the boat down, while the rest are flying into Cabo San Lucas. We will keep you updated on our events moving south to Cabo San Lucas. So until tomorrow, good luck and good fishing. The R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"
Almost Home (032712)
Hi folks;

Weather today was a bit windy and they ocean a bit sloppy. The Royal Polaris will arrive at Fishermans landing at 08:00 hours, Wednesday, March 28th.

Once again the entire group and crew of the Royal Polaris wishes the thank Jerry Brown and Line One spectra for sponsoring a great trip and wonderful prizes.

Cash winners were:

1. Mike Candland 246 pound Yellowfin $100.00
2. Rocky Opliger 230 pound Yellowfin $100.00
3. Rocky Opliger 210 pound Yellowfin $100.00
4. Jack Preston 315 pound Yellowfin $315.00
5. Sam Lewis 246 pound Yellowfin $100.00
6. Steve Emmert 213 pound Yellowfin $100.00
7. Joe Amagrande 223 pound Yellowfin $100.00
8. Joe Cruz 192 pound Yellowfin $100.00
9. John Jeffreys 206 pound Yellowfin $ 100.00

Thank You
Royal Polaris Crew

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"
Coming Home (022512)
Hi folks;

It has been a beautiful relaxing day aboard the Royal Polaris. Five to eight knots of breeze and plenty of sunshine as we travel toward San Diego. We should be going by Alijos Rocks at about 08:00 hours, Monday morning.

Our group has been reading, playing cribbage and poker. Most have broken down and cleaned their tackle.

All aboard are very thankful to Jerry Brown and Line One Spectra for sponsoring such great trips with wonderful awards and great prizes. This is an excellent group to fish with in that, all are mellow and not to often are there more than 5 to 8 passengers at the rail when we are on anchor.

The R/p crew is now looking forward to our Clipperton adventure departing April 1, 2012. The R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"
W A H O O =:{) (032412)
Hello everyone;

What an amazing day. We arrived at Clarion at 03:00 hours. Bait fishing was wide open and we were done in 20 minutes. We released approximately 25 Yellowfin tuna in the 60 to 75 pound class. We kept 5 fish the largest at 206 pounds, caught by John Jeffreys. We had two at 180, one at 150, and one at 115 pounds.

The rest of the day was spent catching limits of Wahoo for all aboard. At 17:15 hours the group called a meeting and unanimously voted to go home regardless of the options given to them. Needless to say all aboard had a wonderful day in the flat calm beautiful weather. The R/p crew.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"

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